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First build and now OC, help please!

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Hi I just finished my first build and would now like to try an OC. If you would let me know some good settings or give any advice, such as how high i can go on stock cooling (would not like to upgrade yet) that would be great

I'm using an E6600 with 2 gigs of OCZ pc2-8500 reaper
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set cpu:ram ratio to 1:1, then increase cpu speed by 10mhz at a time.keep an eye on your temps,55c should be the limmit for safe temps.then see how far you can go without increasing vcore.
The only thing i was wondering is how to keep my memory running at 1066 mhz like it is now. Wouldn't lowing the ratio to 1:1 drastically decrease my memory speed? Is there say a ratio that would work well for both my memory and cpu?

after you find a good and stable fsb that you want you can change ratio to whatever, but 1:1 ratio insures your ram is not going to get in the way.
do you have options in your bios to set ram mhz?if so,set it to 533mhz.or change your cpu:ram ratio appropriatly.
yes i know there are setting to set ram frequency because i had to set it to 1066 mhz
then set it to 1066 and keep it there.unless its because you tweaked your ratio,coz it will change as you oc if its cpu:ram ratio.
Ok so now I'm starting, and I will do as u said, change the ratio to 1:1 and get the cpu Oc before worrying about memory. I'm just wondering where that ratio is. theres a CPU ratio, but it says 9, and so I'm guessing thats my multiplyer.
I'm using an Asus P5k Deluxe.
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it might be in the 'advanced chipset features' or 'bios features' catagory.i dont know how your mobo's menus looks like and i dont know much about it either.
it may just give you the Mhz like say a 533mhz but if you look at your rams speed it will say 300Mhz if you have fsb on 300, that would be 1:1. my mb only has 1066,800,533 options for ram ratio. if i set it to 533 its acts like a 1:1 ratio. but i'm not familiar with that mb so don't know for sure. can you throw up a screeny of your bios??
My BIOS does not show me the ratio. I usually use CPU-Z to see the ratio. You can just calculate the ratio yourself, then you know the ratio. If you are going with 1:1, that should be easy to calculate; FSB:RAM. Just remember the core frequency is divided by 4 and the ram frequency is divided by 2. So if your frequency is 800 and the ram is 667, 800/4=200 and since your ram is 667, you have a bit of head room, 200x2=400, so 400 is the ram frequency that will make the core frequency 800 be in ratio 1:1 with the ram; 200:200. You can get more information here.
try this for starters.....

enable multi (8X)
C1E= disable
max cpu value limit= disable
cpu tm function=disable
execute bit set=disable

jumperfree config= manual

spread spectrum=disabled
ram v=2.0 (or 2.1)
cpu core v=1.4 to 1.5
and the rest, just bump up the settings......

this will get you started.

and, goto chipset setup and set your ram clocks, ie( 5-5-5-12) or whatever your ram is rated for, so disable ram by spd.
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