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First build-Hard drive not spinning?!

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So I get all my parts finally to build my first computer. I put everything together double checking connections and making sure I am careful and such. Then I get to the moment of truth and hit the power button! My CPU fan, PSU fan, GPU fan and all my case fans power up! My optical drive powers on and works. And then I look at my monitor and it is in stand by mode and my hard drive isn't spinning!

I am thinking that it is DOA but is there anything I can do before I send it back to see if it works? I was thinking of going to the store and getting another sata cable since the one I got could be bad. Any other thoughts would be amazing!

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If you can't hear any movement from the hard drive or if it doesn't blink any light from under, then it's probably dead.

And I don't think dead hard drives causes the monitor to stay in stand by mode. You can still boot without a hard drive, but you just can't get into an OS or anything and you will get an error. There might be some other problems too.

Memory and motherboard problems can lead to no post signs.
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