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You can get a way cheaper PSU that will run your rig just fine. Which would possibly save you around 40$ in just that area. Maybe consider going i7/DDR3?(not worth it imo but if you have the money wth right?) With the 40$ that you're saving on the psu, get a 260 core 216 or a 4870 1gb.(I personally would prefer a 260 but that's me :/) Idk the pricing on that hard drive either, but I DO know that Seagate has a Barracuda at 69$ for 640gb. worth the price imo.
(Same amount of cache)

As far as the case goes: It's really whichever you think looks the best. If you like the xclio looks then go with that. But there are better cases with airflow. Such as the Antec 900/300. Coolermaster 690 has spectacular airflow. Just doesn't have a side window.(Although you can purchase one for about 20$) That's my
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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