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CPU: i7 860 stock 2.8ghz
GPU: EVGA GTX 460 1gb SC
Ram: Gskills RipJaws 4gb 2x2gb
PSU: Corsair tx750w
HDD: Western Digital Caviar 1 TB
CPU Cooling: CNPS10X Performa
Monitor: (already had it). SAMSUNG syncmaster 226
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate OEM
DVD RW: Liteon
Speakers: Creative Inspire T301
Headset: Creative Sound Blaster XFI Arena
Mouse: Microsoft Sidewinder X5
Keyboard: Microsoft Erogronomic 7000 (already owned)
After rebates: ~$1150 excluding OS $1300 including

I'm currently a high school student and mainly a gamer although with my classes and work load it's probably more for reports.
This year ill be using AutoCad 2D for my aritecture/CADD I course and AutoCad Inventor for ENGINEERING and robotics.
I've played Crysis on 1680x1050 on Ultra/Ver High and it runs smoothly.

My CPU fan forced me to remove my side 200mm but I play to tape it to the exterior lol

Also I'm still learning how to OC. Turboboost puts a single core up to 3.49 ghz and 3.2 for all four. But say I wanted to OC to 4.0 ghz. Can anyone provide feedback on how to? Asus also has a utility to OC easily and can run in the BiOs or Windows environment and takes the brain out of it. Should I go with that?
I got some bench mark tools too, from OCCT To Prime 95 (no intel burn for I heard it's not hood for Hyper Thread testing)
I have OCCT and OC SCANNER from EVGA for
Also for monitoring I use PC wizard SpeedFan and CPU Z

So basically I'm asking what you guys think of my pc, is it good for my purposes, should I SLI (if and when I get another monitor sometime next year), and how to OC?
Was it a good decision?

4,120 Posts
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I actually quite like the sidewinder but thanks
. uhh my cpu via speedfan reached 80c while playing crysis on very high (object quality high) and I'm scared. I was installing 3 (or rather downloading stalker call of pripyat, clear sky, and crysis warhead) whilst I played crysis. should I reseat my cpu cooler ? should I go in and reapply thermal compound? lol sorry for the questions, I'm really new to this.
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