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First experience with MySQL

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I run a domain hosted by Netfirms and I'm wanting to install Gallery 2.0 to make our photo gallery more interactive and organized. To do this, I have to setup a MySQL database. Through the Netfirms control panel, I can add databases. To administer them I have to click on "phpMyAdmin" which then opens up a page in phpMyAdmin. In the left frame is says "No Databases" but when I click on Databases, it shows the database I created in the Netfirms control panel. And I noticed that under "Create a Database" it says "No privileges". So right now I'm stuck and need help. This whole thing is a learning experience for me right now so bear with me while I ask some stupid questions.
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Have you tried talking to your host about it, usually they are the best people to talk to because sometimes required packages are not on their servers, and they can sometimes add them if need be.
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