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First i7 overclock..

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(9/26./09)Hey guys! so im working on my first i7 overclock .. so right now its at 51c under load according to Everest I overclocked it to 3.6.. so yeah.. earlier i was looking at the bios and the temp was 28c and around 31c idle. Those bad good? Im working on overclocking it to 4.0 ish . OH! and im using a Corsair H50 that i got from frys for $40 .. it was a cheap improvement over the stock cpu cooler.. and i lost the backplate to my dark knight >_<

P.s. sorry about my sentience structure and such... its been a long day..

Edit: ah okay so my ambiant is around 75.. ish around there according to the thermostat

(9/27/09) Edit2: Hmm.. okay so this is system specs coming from cpuid

I7 d0 at 3.7
Core volts: 1.270
Multiplier: 21x

and yeahhss.. i put it at 3.9 though Everest for 30 min and then it froze.. is this normal? should i put on the step speed and hyper threading too (i think you can turn those on and off) ?
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i agree with juggalo on this one. your temps look fine. in fact, i would push it a little further and see what temps you get.
Intel lists the thermal specification for the i7 920 as 67.9°C.
those are very nice temps :/ its winter here, and my temps arent that good... i am running 1.31 volts tho in bios. (1.29 in cpu-z?)
Im under a pretty heavy duty water setup and my idle right now is 35 and 100% load is 55 @ 4.0GHz with an ambient of 75F....so you can compare.

Also I think its helpful to post the ambient with your temperatures. I know on a cold morning when its 65 in here my 100% decreases significantly.

I think your temps are pretty good considering the price you payed for your cooling!
ah okay so i should be able to push it to 4.0 as long as my temps are below 80 under load, its stable and such..

Originally Posted by Monst3r View Post
post bios specs, would help us out alot

ah! okay .. sorry im kinda new at overclocking >_> what sorts of things should i post from bios. Voltage, fbs, multiplier and such.. i believe?
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Originally Posted by Powelly View Post
Intel lists the thermal specification for the i7 920 as 67.9°C.
That's the temp at the center of the heat spreader. The cores are typically 100c TJMax so most peeps say 80c and under.

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u Wanna post Dimm voltages,CPU,IOH,ich, wat multiplier your using,vcore etc..
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