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First in line for RE5 hahaha

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There are like four Gamestops in my area and were all gathered at one for the midnight release. Apparently I'm the only one who could organize which line was the right one to get in and here I am haha

I'm down for the RE5 Regular Edition PS3 and the Strategy guide regular edition haha, what can I say.

This will be my first PS3 game and is the main reason I bought this console

Anyone else in line on OCN on their blackberrys? ;D
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i got my order a day early in the post. its called being first in the queue lazy style

but i am on my blackberry so there's something in common lol enjoy the game!
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I've been playing it the past 2 weeks, its a blast. Hope you enjoy it.
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I've had school + worked two doubles.

Tonight I've been up, I read the entire History logs and Ive gotten through 1-1 and 1-2.

The Aliasing drives me nuts, why would I buy a console?

Also, the default controller config basically made me feel like a monstrous Rtard, but im on my way to the discussion thread now to talk more about that!
RE5 just will not hold up to what RE4 brought
Sure it has better graphics, but that does not mean it gets good scores, after all, look at warhead, graphics but no story = 7.2 at best.
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