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Just finished my first custom loop and I thought I'd celebrate a little!

The tiny case probably wasn't the best call for a first attempt, but it seemed to work out in the end.

If anyone is interested this is a budget used parts gaming PC. I'm experimenting with a lot of cheap Chinese components (pump, fittings, reservoir, blocks). The attempt was to build a very cheap utilitarian loop.

system components:

MSI X58M motherboard with X5680 cpu
24GB Kingston HyperX DDR3
EVGA 550 G3
Samsung PM961 NVME 250GB on pcie adapter
USB C PCIE expansion card

Water Loop:
-Used XSPC RX240 radiator
-used ek gpu block
-Chinese 120 radiator
-4x Arctic F12 fans
-1x Chinese PWM fan hub
-bottom of the barrel Bykski CPU block with .5mm microchannels and no metal jet plate ($17.00)
-Chinese northbridge waterblock
-Chinese 3/8" ID 1/2" OD compression fittings ($1.30 ea)
-EPDM tubing from Mcmaster Carr ($.80 per foot)
-XSPC 90 degree and 45 degree rotary fittings (original plan was to not use fittings, but tight case and thin walled tubing forced the issue and these were what I had on hand meant for a different build)
-SC-600 pump with bracket
-Chinese 50mm diameter reservoir

- Mayhems XT1-nuke clear concentrate

I'm having fun with it and the system is running well for me able to reach 4.38Ghz but I'm running daily at 4.2Ghz mostly due to poor Baseclock stability on the MSI motherboard.

I learned some fun things with the build:

1) How to boot legacy system on NVME drive via Duet
2) water cooling of course.
3) testing cheap components that there is not a lot of useful data on "in the wilds"

Thanks all the contributors on this forum. The information has been tremendously helpful.

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Looks realy nice. You are using glass side panel?
Photo just has side cover removed. I'm using the stock cover with small acrylic window right now. I originally used the EPDM tubing because it was "utilitarian" build, but it ended up looking nice. I also thought cable management would be SUPER hard in the compact case, but that ended up being very straight forward and clean.
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