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Hey everyone,

So after lurking for a while I decided to do my own mod. Since this was my first attempt I went fairly easy. I just wanted to open up the airflow a bit, clean up the inside, create a side window and change the color a bit. Let me know what you think.

BTW - I thought I had a lot more 'inbetween' pictures then what I really did have. I took most of them at the end, somewhat disappointing.

Out of the box:

Crappy sand job, realized I needed to take this thing apart to do a good job!

That bottom piece is horrible to sand lol.


This is where I just completely lapsed pictures and pretty much skip to the final. You'll notice above I just cut out the webbing with a dremel, window was done with a jigsaw, as well as a few cable management holes.

Color preview: Rustoleum satin black/cardinal red.

Final product:

No acrylic window in yet, it's in the mail...but clear window is clear - amirite? Should also hold that last piece of molding together a bit more.

Top face plates around here somewhere >.>

Anyways, was fun, let me know what you guys think and/or any suggestions. I wouldn't be opposed to doing something with the front of the case, but I feel like that's a bit out of my skill level at this point. Also, note the dust on this thing, gogo desert living.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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