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Hello,just doin my first overclock from reading forums and stuff,worked out pretty good so far..was wonderin if someone could point to push for more,so far the temp or fan speed hasnt even changed and stress test went without a hitch.Not too sure about the memory timings if they are correct for best performance.Any Input would be great

I dont game,just do some audio and video stuff,so i figured id try this rather than buy new comp,so far workin great and in only an hour or so of reading.I havent changed much,just increased the fsb frequency,then had to lower the memory to be 1:1....havent touched any voltages or anything....
wouldnt mind hitting 3.7 then that be plenty...

mobo is asrock 775i65g r2.04 bios 3.2
intel i865g chipset
rest is in pics


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