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Ok I jumped my cpu up to 2.7ghz from the stock 2.4ghz.I didnt do it exactly like the sticky for this board I left all the volts on auto and didnt disable everything I was following a friend's overclock example for this board just to check it out.Keep in mind that I don't have any aftermarket cooling I thought I could get some mild overclocks without the extra cooling.My question is the 65 degree's C the max temp you would want to hit for a core temp?I was using the program's from the overclocking kit from this site.I was monitoring core temps with the core temp program while I ran prime 95.I passed the 2 first tests after about 40 mins and hit 65 a couple of times for a couple of mins during test but still past.Do the volt setting and other features that I didn't disable affect temps our are they for stability only?I would just like to get to 3ghz or so and be happy with that.Also if 65c max is acceptable if I kick it up to 3ghz will it most likely get hotter than that and be unacceptable?If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
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If you leave cpu voltage to auto it will run warmer with the P5N32E.
I have the same board and cpu and when left to auto my temps were about 8° higher than when I set it to 1.3. When set to auto every program I tried showed vcore as 1.4 which is far higher than I needed to run at 3.0 stable.
What voltage is being reported in either the bois hardware monitor or something like cpu-z
65° is higher than I would allow as it is in the danger zone IMHO.
On core temp program it said VID was 1.35v.I think CPU-Z was 1.344 if I remember right.I will try the OC with setting recommended from sticky this next time.I will disable everything this time also.I will be running unlinked with memory set to auto and I will use setting from sticky as follows and report back,it may take a few days before I find the time tho.

1.2V HT 1.30v
NB 1.40v
SB 1.50v
CPU VTT 1.35v to start
not the vid which is a value that is registered in the cpu data file similar to where the bios get fsb and multi values from. what I was asking for is the actual measured voltage from either the bios hardware monitor or cpu-z
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When I get the time in next few days I will OC using recommended setting from sticky and report back then.Thanks
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