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first playing with E7300 :D

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Yesterday I saw an E7300 in my brother´s rig and havent seen the 45nm Intels since Im back at home
Here are some first testings! I like them

First stable run at 4GHz! Havent play with voltage much because I dont know what´s too much

Some Pi running! 4.4GHz and still not faster than my E6850

Last thing: a short AQ3 run! My record with that 8600GTS is something above 195k

Conclusion: My old Commando is still in good shape and Im looking forward of getting a E8600 or 8700


Edit: fixed links to images
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4.4Ghz @ 1.57v? Holy crap. I hope that was a suicide run

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Originally Posted by Acoma_Andy
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4.4Ghz @ 1.57v? Holy crap. I hope that was a suicide run

Yes but not the last and in the next run the cpu will get above 1.6vcore and some chilled water cooling used on my 6850
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