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Well I have been creeping on the forums for a few years now and just finished building myself my first Intel / Nvidia computer (switching sides
) SO what better time to actually post something! lol

First off I have learned a TON from this site, so thank you to everyone who actually posts haha! I am currently trying out BOINC on this computer and learned about it on OCN, so much great info here!!!!

Anyway heres the stats on the new build-

Customized TJ07 case
ASUS Maximus VIII formula
Skylake 6700K running at 4.6Ghz right now, had it up to 4.8 but couldnt get it prime stable, with more tweaking I think I can tho

2 EVGA Titan X hydrocopper 12GB cards running in SLI
G Skill 64GB ram kit running at 3000mhz
4 samsung evo 1TB ~SSDS in RAID0
1600W powersupply

Cooling system-
XSPC dual bay reservoir with D5 pump
XSPC CPU waterblock
stock EK waterblock on the MOBO
stock EK waterblock on the hydrocoppers
Hailea HC500A waterchiller
Aquacomputer Aquaduct 720XT external radiator / Enheim 600 pump

40" Samsung 4K monitor on my desk, 20 something " crappy dell off to side just for HWMonitor / EVGA precision X


426 Posts
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I am a lot better with sheet metal then I am with wood working lol! The computer stand is about the limits of my wood working skills lol and its just a box with a hole
altho the only wood working tool I own is a jigsaw so it didnt come out to bad lol
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