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first project

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this was my first go at one of these and boy did i learn alot. everything is running smoothly so far. i've ran it for 96 hours straight at full load across the cores doing bluray transcodes.

problems i had to overcome were:
1. tank was too small to fit the psu in it
2. alphacool flow indicator http://www.performance-pcs.com/catal...ucts_id=4616"> ended up being far too restrictive and raised my temp 20c
3. koolance compression fittings are nice but i ended up buying too many (my own fault for not making a diagram before buying)
4. should have bought an external pump instead of running two 12v pumps in series


Filling that sucker up!

so far my only concern is my load temp. i'm used to running my q6600 at the same clock at around 62c on air at full load. 70c just seems high to me with this i7. anyone running an i7 on water able to give me their experience with what seems to be a gross amount of heat? oh ambient is 26c
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nice build, mineral oil or silicon? or are you rich enough for fluorinert?
Can you please explain what this is exactly? Looks cool though, whatever it is.

Originally Posted by d3str0y3r0fn00bs View Post
nice build, mineral oil or silicon? or are you rich enough for fluorinert?
if i was rich enough for 3m's products i would have just bought a custom hardcore computer

*update* i bumped the cpu to 3.4ghz and temp only rose by 4c so it's looking pretty good. now if i can only find a 120mm x 3 shroud...
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