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First Real Build

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Ok so I had worked on building a new computer.

AMD Phenom II
ASUS M3N72-D ( Wish I would have researched more and gotten a higher end board)
DDR2 2 x 2GB 1066HMz Corsair Ram
GeForce 9800GT (Sparkle P980 series,that I need to RMA after 1 week)

I have been able to OC it to 3.6 already. It is stable and runs betwen 34c-36c and the most I have seen it hit is 41c.

Thanks FSF! I'm mentally burned out and didn't catch that. Sorry!
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Welcome! Also, no questions are to be asked here, you really should be banned or gotten a warning, but that has not happened. No offense, but i find people who ask questions in here to be idiotic.
not sure what happened, but welcome to OCN regardless
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welcome to overclock.net
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