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First start on overclocking Q9550

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What's going on everyone. I guess I am a noob, to overclocking that is. I can say I spend majority of my time with media and not too frequently on the PC with games, now I am looking to get an extra boost from the CPU without having to go all out and change everything. FSB, RAM settings, voltage is all new to me so I figured I would ask the experts for any advice on my system. I have to recheck the BIOS version, but hopefully the settings I have included can help.
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I am not too familiar with that motherboard, though keeping Voltage and such at stock, and raising the FSB slowly should allow you to get a decent Overclock without raising voltage. Believe me I am a bit of an overclocking moron, but I have seemingly done well with my old machines.

I don't know what speed your memory is at, but it looks like you have 2 x 2gb + 2 x 1gb ram setup, so you may be limited depending on what the memory itself can actually handle, as well as using all 4 slots tends to limit total Overclock and Timings of the memory.

Also, I will take a stab at this, if you are using the Stock Cooler that came with the processor you may be fairly limited to the overclock potential due to terrible heat dispersion. people may suggest grabbing a better Cooler, as would I. But mroe importantly, you need to play aroudn with the mobo with stock settings, and loosen the Memory timings (this part is annoying, I never know which Latency options to use sicne there is like 20 dif settings) .

There is much to learn, and you will need patience to achieve general stability.

Good luck =)
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All the info you should need located in one neat nice organized chaotic thread...

Good luck, and remember, overclocking is addictive...
i had alot of problems with that motherboard i could not go over 380fsb.
thanks guys. sorry for the delay. went on vacation for the first time in nearly 2 years....and yes OC is addicting.
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