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First time into Linux, few questions ._."

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Hi all

I'm interested in making a FTP server (or some private game servers
) using Ubuntu. I have no Linux experience, so I got a few questions in my mind before I start ...

1) Hardware related: I'll be building a new system for the server, so is the intel atom has "linux support right out of box" ? (eg. no driver issues, or no other compatibility issues.)

2) I'll be following this guide "LINK" to set up the ftp server. And it mentioned something like "EHCP". So is that a good server program for Linux? any other suggestions?

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Well, for one, I'm pretty sure Linux has support for all processors out there out of the box, so no worries there.

As far as hardware goes, just make sure you get a common network card manufacturer [Gigabit, Atheros, etc] and you ought to be set.

As far as FTP goes, I like vsftpd for running a FTP server, and FTPcube as a FTP client. just experiment with it and you'll be okay.
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hehe. thanks for the reply "BSOD" ;P
I guess I'll try on some spare HDD before I get the new system...
And I'll look into 'vsftpd' and play around with it then ~

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