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First time OC not running stable Help please

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I took a screen but paint doesn't upload to photobucket well. So if anyone has a better way to do this please let me in. could it have something to do with my memory running on different channels. Using sig rig in OC.

Ram is at 800 set timings through bios there were a lot of options but I am pretty sure I turned the right ones to 4-4-4-12. another thing is my board doesnt have the correct RAM voltage. Command rate still 2T trying to change through bios but having trouble. Having mass trouble with RAM configuring the board has too many options for my knowledge.

CPU was at 3528mhz 222 15x 1.35v to it running at 50C at load and 31C idle. Took my PSU out of the case increased air flow with cable management dropped my temp by 6C

Another thing my GPU just running two moniter display no games runs at 49C is that too high.

Benchmarking the bottlenecks seem to be memory speed and floating point calculation (no clue what the second is)

Any suggestions
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Drop the FSB to 200mhz, raise the multi to 17.5x (3500mhz), raise the vcore to 1.4000v, prime with Prime95 with large FFTs for an hour or two. Make sure your temperature stays under 60C loaded.

If you can't set the ram voltage drop the timings to 5-5-5-15.
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