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Originally Posted by daweinah

Ok.. so I've been doing a lot of reading and have managed some nice (imo) results, but now I'm starting to worry/wonder about what my limits are and what happens if I hit them. And now I also need answers to a bunch of questions that have come up lol

Here's the clock specs:

Part: Stock / OC
CPU: 2200 / 2625
Mult: 200x11 / 250x10.5
HTT: 5x / 4x
GPU: 470/1100 / 490/1200
RAM: 2-3-3-8 / 3-4-4-9

That's all I can think of that got changed. Haven't missed with voltage at all. EVEREST says the CPU temp is 32 deg with current setup.

Now for the good part...

-With the increase vid card clocks, ATItool finds artifacts, but I don't notice any while gaming - should I lower the clock to make ATItool happy, or leave it since I can't tell? I don't want to endanger my card.

-What is the memory divider thing, is that where I set how fast I want the RAM to run? (DDR400, DDR433, etc)

-When you set the HTT to 3x, and have the FSB at something like 270, does it hurt performance because you're so far away from 1000?

-The FSB is supposed to match the RAM clock right? I have DDR400, so what happens when I go over 200?

-Why did my RAM timings go down the toilet?
I just noticed that Everest says my Memory Bus is 238.6MHz and lists my ram as DDR477.. is this the max speed the ram can go, since its trying to catch up to the 250 FSB? Should I drop the FSB to 238 and increase the mult to 11?

-Under Chipset Properties, it shows the Memory Timings at 3-4-4-9, but under SPD Memory Modules, it shows 3-3-3-8 @ 200Mhz; why is it different?

-Everest says "DRAM:FSB Ratio: CPU/11" What does that mean?

That'll do it for now, I'm sure I'll be editing soon lol. Thanks for any and all help!

U got so many questions ill try to answer each one of them and hopefully if i make a mistake some1 will correct me.

1) In my opinion lower the clock u got nice vid card i wouldnt recommend high temps for it or high clocks u r hurtin it in other words. So just make ATItool happy.

2) I dunno about that but mine they dont change either in chipset properties or spd.

3) Where did u see that one ?
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