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Hey Everybody,

Brand new to Overclocking and was trying to test the waters with a simple Overclock guide I found.

Here are the steps I have done so far:

1. Ran BenchTest (Off of Asus Website) Passed - No errors

2. Restarted in Bios - Loaded OC Gamer Profile. Saved Settings and Restarted

3. Computer is now in constant loop with Windows Error that states:


The computer will just keep looping and restarting trying to "fix itself"

I have to manually restart and go to BIOS and "Load optimized Defaults" to get back to normal for PC to turn on.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Don't use any type of "automatic" overclocking. All the settings are just some engineers guess at what will work for the largest number of computer configurations. There's nothing there that's specific to your configuration.

Also, since they change a whole bunch of stuff all the the same time you have no idea which setting is the one causing the problem - and you end up where you are at now, not knowing what to fix.

Learn to overclock in your BIOS. Make one small change at a time, write down what you changed and the result. If that works move on.
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