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First Time Overclocking after receiving my Watercooling [FX-8150]

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I overclocked to 4.2Ghz @1.425v, still going to go up on clocks.
Wish me luck. [If you are wondering why I'm using FX-8150 I've had this proc for a year and a half and never really touched it yet till now.]

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Can't seem to pass 4.2Ghz, tried upping cpu ratio hangs at 4.3Ghz even upped voltage and still freezes. Anyone got any idea?
hmmm... max CPU (guessing socket) temp reported at 68C.... that's interesting. 70C is usually the limit there IIRC.

Your 12V rail sure is low. Barely within tolerances.

How are your case fans configured? I understand that case came with 3, have you moved them around? added more? Which way are they blowing?

You may want to adjust the way the case moves air now that you have a CLC in there. I found my best overall temps with all of the case fans blowing INTO the case, which provides better direct turbulence over the VRM heatsink and socket area, as well as effectively assists the radiator fan with positive pressure.

Did you turn off Turbo? (trying to set base clocks beyond turbo clocks would likely cause problems, never tried myself but exceeding 4.2ghz is where I would expect you to run into problems if you forgot to turn this off)

Did you turn off APM? (if available)

Are you using LLC? (some asus boards have a "buggy" LLC that causes instability, may have to turn it off or try try a different setting)

Keep in mind, that the voltage setting, is not the same as the actual voltage under load. Looks like you are dipping a little bit (but not too bad) from 1.425V (setting) to ~1.38V under a load. This is actually a pretty decently "tight" regulation and is likely reflective of a "good enough" LLC setting selection to continue on unless it is bugged. However, you may get better results by increasing the aggressiveness of the LLC setting to tighten up this variance. (example: I achieve 1.44375V as a "setting" through offset voltage settings, under a load, with a "medium" LLC setting (it's different on Giga boards), this will sag to ~1.43V under a load, or only about a 0.014V variance.) Tighter variances from idle to load are nice but not necessary. You can overcome voltage sag by just turning up the voltage and get about the same results. I just prefer the "tightly tuned" option because it makes me feel better about it overall.

Seems unlikely that the chip could be "that bad." You're basically at the turbo speeds and voltage, there has to be headroom in these things otherwise they can't sell them. Usually there's 600-700+mhz worth of headroom above base clocks on zambezi with the default VID.

For the sake of fulfilling some curiosity and perhaps offering some additional insight, what does your motherboard report (in BIOS/UEFI) as the default CPU VID (with turbo disabled, make sure to save/reboot if you disable turbo to get a "true" reading of the base VID)
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Got it to 4.5Ghz now. I went on DIGIVRM and set some things to high and extreme and it seems to let me go over 4.5 now(probably the settings on auto isn't letting the CPU get enought volts). For socket temps I'm not sure whats the safest one, as for the proccessor AMD and some threads I've seen said that as long as u dont pass 61C on the core temps you'll be fine.
Your 12V rail sure is low. Barely within tolerances.
Yes. Use HWiNFO64 or your Asus AI Suite to look at your voltages. If they are still that low, you may want to consider RMAing the HX 750. (It has a 7 year warranty) In any event, keep your eye on the 12v rail, it may be dieing on you.

Also, you are using the plain standard IBT, use the IBT AVX linked here on the first post to stress your FX-8150

The LQ-310 isnt that good of a water cooler, you would have been better off getting a CM 212+/EVO for half the money.
Oh I think I forgot to add that I use XSPC AX240mm now. Recently upgraded but its currently mounted outside of my HAF912.
Much better.
Keep an eye on that HX 750, a low rail can cause much OC grief.
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Idk whats up with the HX750 but It doesnt seem to pass that 11.63V. I'm not sure If I can still RMA it coz i dont have the box anymore. Only the bag with the wires of the Psupply and the cover for the PSu when it came.
Dont worry about the box it came in for a RMA, lol. You may need a copy of the receipt, but maybe not because it hasnt been 7 years since the HX 750 came out. Give Corsair a call or email.
I have no proof of purchase or anything LOL. I have no idea where everything went for this Corsair PSU.
Currently at 4.6Ghz. Some pics of the OC. Let me know if I'm overvolting or doing something wrong. Doesn't seem to freeze or anything.

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So Uhmm. Just an update. I was priming my PC just now and I started to hear some weird noise coming from the CPU. Idk what it is its like chirping kind of sound. Only happens when priming. Any idea what is this?
Originally Posted by H Allen View Post

So Uhmm. Just an update. I was priming my PC just now and I started to hear some weird noise coming from the CPU. Idk what it is its like chirping kind of sound. Only happens when priming. Any idea what is this?
High pitched whine that only happens when under load? Probably coil whine from your VRMs, normal.
Probably the sound of a choke coil (those larger "boxes" near the mosfets) on the "VRMs" screaming for mercy

When the current rises high enough, you can induce tone-generation on devices at the frequency of the PWM.
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Is there something broken in my system? I'm listening to it while priming its coming out somewhat from the CPU I think.
You can narrow the location down a bit by using a paper towel tube next to your ear.
It seems to be either the back of the CPU or the side chips besides it which looks like the north bridge. Went down to 4.2Ghz again coz I dont know what can this do to my components. XD
Its most likely what mdocod said. A looser ferrite choke can start to resonate. Try a different OC frequency and see if it changes tune or stops.
I'll probably stick to 4.2Ghz. Since It doesn't make that noise at that clock..
In the future, we'll be having this same conversation except, the "problem" will be that light is coming out of some component rather than sound.
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