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First time overclocking FX 6300 help reading Temperatures.

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FX 6300
Asus m5a97 r2.0
CM hyper 212 EVO
Corsair CX 600w

So I have been overclocking my CPU for a little bit now and I'm up to 4.3 ghz using 1.356v. I haven't touched a single setting besides multiplier, CPU voltage, and the power saving features and turbo boost. I have been upping the Multiplier and than using prime to check if it's stable by stressing it for 45 mins.

there really hasn't been a problem but now I'm starting to reach my ceiling and I have been monitoring my temps using Coretemp and HWinfo64 and I have just noticed something. In Coretemp it states my temps as 51c when I'm stressing it at my current setting but there is two different temps for CPU in HWinfo64 one listed just as CPU AMD FX 6300 "50.9c" and one listed as CPU, ITE IT8721F and the temp for that is "60" during stress. Knowing how that Temp is dangerously close to the limit of being like 62c I immediately stopped the test. I guess the question I want to ask is what is that ITE temp and does it correspond to the same 62c limit that piledrivers have?

If it does what would be the best course of action?.... Backing off on my OC? My main goal was 4.5ghz but seeing as how my temps are getting up there and I don't even know if it's possible with my board since it's a 4+2 phase design I might be looking at backing it down to 4.2ghz.
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You're being WAY to cautious here.
Just run the temp up and see where it shuts down.

The whole reason for the automatic overheat shutdown is so the processor WON't get hurt.
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