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[FIXED]Gigabyte P43 Video Card Freezing!

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Okay, I this computer once had a 8400GS in it. Game worked, not a problem. It gets upgraded to a BFG 9600GSO and -blam-, crap falls from the sky.

177.89 Drivers show a Black screen after Windows Vista loading bar.

180 Drivers load windows, but Freeze the computer when most applications are started.

I have uninstalled the card, booted in safe mode, cleaned the drivers, rebooted in safe mode, installed the drivers, and NOTHING.

The Six pin power cable IS plugged in.

The mother board is set the Init Display PCI then PEG. There is no integrated.

What is going ON!

The Bios didn't like the video card. Updated it and it's fine.
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Neither worked. Still taking suggestions.
Backup and reinstall.
Google Driver Cleaner Pro or use this then install the graphics driver. I'm off to bed but that's the only solution I can suggest.
I used driver sweeper SEVERAL times. Nothing I did with it worked.
Does it seem to work okay in Windows with just the standard VGA driver installed?

Perhaps install the latest chipset drivers, and the INF file for your monitor if available.
Yes, the Standard VGA driver does. It also boots with the 180 beta drivers, but freezes when 3d apps are opened.

And I will install the latest chipsets in a bit
Try the second newest driver and drivers that are for the 9600. Also, many times in the past, the latest and greatest for x800 nVidia cards werent to friendly with the x600 nVidia cards.
Looks like a fresh install would be in order when forementioned options failed.
It's a sure way to get rid of any remaining driver refferences etc.
Hmmm, maybe a faulty card.
Have you put your 8400 back in to see if that works?
I put my own 9600 in his computer, and it had the same problem. So the card or PSU isn't the problem. I am going to install the new Chipset drivers.

Didn't work. Going to try a Bios Update.
That Fixed it. The Bios didn't like the video card. Updated it and it's fine.
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