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fixing a heatsink?

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I would like to know if there is a way to restore the "perfect flat" surface of a heatsink(the part that actually comes in contact with the CPU). Like if it had small grooves in it or something, how could I fix that?
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Originally Posted by gcraw5100

Lapping is taking a very fine piece of sandpaper and making the surface super flat and shiny It will also transfer heat better, But you cannot lap the heatsink to much for really deep grooves or it might fit loose, but under normal lapping conditions it will not be loose. You can get lapping kits on frozencpu.com website.

Not JUST a fine grit sandpaper, but multiple grits.

From 400 to 2000 (I think), there's about 5 variations between 400 to 2000 that you should get to lap it, and you take a marker, and make an x on the surface, make a figure 8 motion on a sandpaper that is fixed to the desk so it won't move.
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