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May I ask exactly WHY you want to flash the firmware?

You CAN flash the firmware but you need to waste money on a flash tool first.

You're much better off downloading a Linux shell, e.g. Ubuntu, on a USB flash drive, and using Linux to backup the EDID of the VG278HE monitor with EDID-RW

You can download the EDID tools through the Linux shell, after compiling the proper packages (you need to be a "Super User" by using the Sudo command) by using these commands:

sudo apt-get install python-smbus edid-decode

Then finding the EDID bus of the VG278HE monitor by starting with 0, 1, 2, while using this command, until you see the monitor string for the VG278HE. X is the number that is the EDID bus of the VG278HE. Do NOT TYPO MISTAKE THIS NUMBER. You can **DESTROY** a motherboard by writing the wrong EDID bus to the wrong device.

./edid-rw X | edid-decode

./ is part of the command once the packages are installed as it exists in a below folder in Linux.

Then you can back up the EDID by this command:
./edid-rw X > name_of_backup_file.bin

All shown here:

Flashing the EDID is a lot more difficult.

First you need to un-write protect the EDID.
Usually you need to open the monitor and unsolder the write protect pin, but on the ASUS VG248QE, you can go into the SERVICE MENU and turn on "BURN-IN" mode option. The Burn in option automatically removes write protect as long as you don't close the window. Since the VG278H and VG278HE all came out around the same time as the VG248QE, and the service menus are virtually the same, it's VERY likely that you can un write protect the EDID the same way.

Then you can flash it with
./edid-rw -w -s 0.01 X < backupfile.bin

I personally found that I was UNABLE to flash the EDID on my Vg248QE successfully with this tool.
I had to download another file through windows and then copy it to the temp Linux folder, called
"Write-edid.sh". I found it here:

THIS allowed me to write the EDID successfully.

This will give your VG278HE the VG278H ID and resolutions in windows.

I can NOT help with anything else. All this is up to you and if you blow up your monitor, don't complain to me.
I had to find out how to flash my VG248QE by myself, without help. If I can do it, you can too.

BTW if you STILL want to do a FULL firmware flash (which I DONT recommend but at least you **CAN** recover 100% of the time):
You can do this but it will cost you money.

1) buy this item. It comes with the necessary cables.

2) download the Mstar software from

3) Install the driver, connect the VG278HE to it (through VGA or through DVI) run the ISP tool, press connect (you will get an error about program file not ready), press LOAD and enter a file name to BACKUP THE CURRENT VG278HE FIRMWARE.

You MUST BACK THIS UP. there is NO BACKUP EXISTING ON THE INTERNET FOR THE VG278H/HE FIRMWARES. NONE WHATSOEVER. So if you mess up you're screwed. I have the only backup (I made myself) for the VG248QE, but no one needs this.

4) it will write a 2 MB file (half of it will be empty) of the firmware. The monitor will not respond to any input or OSD buttons until you "Disconnect."

5) Then you must backup the VG278H firmware the same way after restarting since you're going to flash it into the VG278HE anyway.

6) Then you can use the continued instructions on the blur busters link (its the same method) to flash the VG278H firmware into your VG278HE. These instructions will work. Just the file names on that website are different obviously.


after flashing and disconnecting, you will then need to update the EDID using Linux.

I found that the VG248QE EDID is NOT stored in the firmware itself (while the Benq EDID's ARE stored in the firmware) so if you flash, it's VERY possible that the EDID will still be VG278HE (this is why I told you don't bother flashing the firmware unless you HAVE to!).

If you brick the monitor by a bad flash, this utility will restore it. You're STILL on your own with the EDID flashing

Proof: I intentionally flashed a Benq XL2720Z firmware into my VG248QE, bricked it completely, flashed the backup (yes I made a backup, see?). monitor came back to life but had a Benq EDID in it (since the Benq EDID is stored in the Benq firmware). Took me HOURS to get the original EDID back (I had two VG248QE's so I had a backup).

Please don't ask me for help on this. You are on your own.
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I know nothing about flashing in windows.
The only flasher I used in windows was a firmware flasher for the Mstar ISP device and that's a hardware device for flashing actual firmwares (the exact same device Benq engineers use in house).

I couldn't find any way to flash in windows either so I used Linux, which worked fine as soon as I found that you needed to add delay seconds to the first flasher (or use the write-edid.sh which worked right away).

There was a windows flasher here but I sure wouldn't use it. He tried it and it bricked his monitor and it's now a "non PNP device". I couldn't even install that program. it said it was expired.

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