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Shot in the freaking dark here as I'm (near clueless) and may not even be asking the right questions... *sigh*

Needing to find a utility that will enable a 'orderBuilder' for a website. Something along the lines of what PapaJohn's has on their website for pizzas. Or like LiveArt has for t-shirt design (the latter is overkill). We have a preset list of options available and thus a defined list of permutations. A customer needs to be able to customize the item in question starting with the most impotant criteria and culminating in the details.

Writing the javascript for it is something I can probably manage, but regarding anything adobe beyond acrobat/photoshop/fireworks I'm fairly lost. Which leaves me without a foundation to understand how to phrase the question correctly

Price isn't really a limit (within reason, not wanting to spend more than 5 figures), but as a cost conscious person.... lol.

Anyways, even a point in the right direction would be great, because apparently I'm googling all the wrong terms and attempting to sift through the code papajohns website left me without a credible lead. except:


telling me that's they managed theirs with flash. I know mobile flash is dead, and would like compatibility cross-platform so was also interested in html5.

Thanks to anyone who has some thoughts!

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Well if your profecient at javascript and have web hosting with a SQL server, just use ASP, ASPX, or CFM to create a web form and store the data into the SQL server. SQL commands are real easy to execute.

Incomplete code, just to give you an idea. This is something like what I would do with an ASP file, of course theres more to it like setting up your connection and stuff. Just wanted to give you something to look at.


Case "Main"
    Response.Write "
[B][SIZE=14]Find an ingredient[/SIZE][/B]
    Response.Write "[B]Ingredient:[/B] "
    Response.Write ""
Case "SelectING"
    SQLStr = "Select * from Ingredients where Ingredient = '" & ING & "'"
    Set Job = Connection.Execute(SQLStr)
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