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Flashing 8800GT - Creating bootable USB :s

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Alright. Flashing my EVGA 8800GT to a 9800GT.
Got all the info and followed everything step by step from here:


When I go to boot from my USB, i select ''boot priority'' to Hard drive...Easy Drive. (The name of the USB stick)

And I physically unplug my SATA connector for my Harddrive.

So, off I go, booting up into what I think will be the stuff on the usb key, and I get the message Operating system missing. Greeat.

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did u format the usb drive image with dos on it or just nvflash and cmdspmi or whatever it is?
Oh i did the dos thing. with...boot600 or whatever it is called.

i followed the steps exactly.
Here's a step by step guide to properly flash your EVGA 8800GT.

Please do not use a 9800GT bios you will definately run a high risk of bricking your card. Find an updated version of your cards bios here: http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/

TechPowerUps bios's are legit manufacturer releases. Using one I was able to take my EVGA 8800GT SC edition (650 core) to the EVGA SSC edition (700 with included volt increase) by flashing in dos. Didn't need to make a boot disk using the provided utility. Pretty quick and painless. Hope some of this helps.
Im at stock bios, and my core speed is already at my overclocked setting of 724.

so...I gain nothing. I want to make it say 9800GT
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Well heres to hoping it works out. I'm interested to know if this is theorectically possible. Be sure to come back and update.
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