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flashing fx 5200

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is there anything i can flash my fx 5200 bios to for better performance.

links if u can
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Uh you can flash it to a BIOS with higher clock speeds... that's it
Sorry, but you get what you pay for.
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yes i know but what files do i need to do that
Best thing to do is make a copy of the BIOS already on the card with one of these utilities and alter it with clock speeds you've already proven stable, then just reflash it. Basically all that gets you is the ability to run the card "overclocked" without any seperate software at Windows start up.
oh that blows so i wouldnt be able to flash it to an ultra

p.s. wats better fx 5200 or fx5200 le/se
LE/SEs are usually crappy junkers that couldn't make normal spec
You could flash it to an Ultra, but to my understanding the only difference is clock speed. 5200s, any of them, are bottom of the barrel budget cards, can't expect too much.
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woohoo my 5500 isnt bottom of the barrel!!

hey, im flashing my fx5200... read my other post
So to bring this thread back to life, I have two GPUs and I just bought a third. I have an FX 5200 that I would like to OC to it's max stable settings, as this is my "throw away" card (have a Radeon 9600xt being RMAd, and I just bought an x850 Pro AGP that's in the mail). So I've been reading this and that all over the place, but no one has put anything in plain english, with a list of options I can pursue... everything is "do this, but we won't tell you EVERYTHING you need to know", or "try this and just hope it works"... and I realize this is because the 5200 is a bottom of the line card these days. But I wanna make this card perform like the Quadro FX 500. So what do I need to do to get that done, and can some links or copy-and-pastes PLEASE be supplied??? Sorry to beg for the legwork, but I've spent numerous hours reading with a few questions answered, but more questions raised. Any and all (honest) help will be Rep-rewarded! (And I realize I have no Rep power, but I'll do what I can.) Thanks!

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There are Nvidia bios files here, but i dont know how good they are any good.

Click the downloads link on the side and you should find your way ok
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I guess I shall have to dig up this thread again.

I too want to overclock my XFX fx 5200 to a 5500.

But as a previous poster explained, little precise information... detailing exactly how to go about overclocking this card is on the internet.
While searching through google, I ended up here

So... my question

Where can I get the 5500 bios to download?
Is it necessary?
does flashing to the higer bios automatically set certain speeds? Or Do I configure RAM/GPU speeds with nvflasher then flash?

If the latter is true, how do I do it.
Also, I have the XFX version of this card, I dont see where they made a 5500 version.. so, will that cause a problem?

Please help me out o'lockers......
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"I too want to overclock my XFX fx 5200 to a 5500"

that involves flashing the bios not OC ing the bios files are in the post above yours
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