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flickering when i overclock

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when i overclock my 4890, the screen flickers. when i run stock speeds, it goes away. the weird thing is that it happens mostly in menus or when a screen is loading, not actually during gameplay.
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Welcome to video card overclocking.
Is this card pre-overclocked already, or stock 850MHz - and how far are you clocking it up to?
no it's not pre-overclocked. i was clocking it at 925/1000. i'll try a lower overclock to see if it happens. sapphire's are not known to be good overclockers, so i am not surprised. but i never had any problems with the 4870, so i stuck with them for the 4890.
your problem could be if you are using ATI CCC for overclocking, you may want to try rivatuner if you arent already using it.
as far as i know its because of the jump from2d to 3d,mine does the same thing if you leave gpuz open it will show you the speeds jumping up and down
Don't overclock it.

Similar thing happened to me when I overclocked my 4890 to far.
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actually i wasn't having any luck with CCC. it kept freezing during the auto test. i wanted to use rivatuner, but it keeps telling me the display drivers are incompatible and it won't let me change any settings. i am now using ATI Overdrive 5 within ATT. that seems to be the only way i can overclock. i went to a lower overclock and that lessened the flickering. so it's just possible this card isn't a very good overclocker.
Give MSI Afterburner a try it works with ATI and Nvidia cards,and any make,works well for me.

As you can see my core jumps up and down,its something to do with the ATI power saving,the way to stop it is to set your 2d clocks to the same a your 3d,however this means your card will run at full speed all the time so your temps will be a bit higher
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okay. i just downloaded MSI afterburner. one thing i notice is the core voltage and shader clock values are really low, almost near minimum. maybe that's why the card is not overclocking real well. but i am not familiar with these settings at all. so i hate to tinker with them. i'll read up on them at that app's forum.
the program seems work better than what i was using. thanks for the suggestion.
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