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I ordered a Flipcam bundle from Intel's retail-edge, and I have no intention of using the grey sheath that was included... So I'm giving it out. Here it is, sorry for the huge pic:


A 15$ value! Lol yeah right.

  • You must have 15 reps or more.
  • You must reside in North America, because shipping is on me. (Sorry international folks!)
  • You must post only once in this thread. Post more than once, you're out.
  • You must include in your post a picture or video of you flipping me off giving me thumbs up (face can be covered, I want to be able to distinguish a human being), and of course your Flipcam.
Failure to respect the requirements for eligibility will give you a place on my personal black list, and you shall live forever with the guilt of knowing that you wasted my time and yours.

I'm giving you guys one week, then drawing with random.org.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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