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Where can you get cheap thin and soft foam. Not sound foam, that's too expensive. How about packaging foam?
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I want to cover the inside of my case with it. I think it would look nice and dampen sound a bit. I've seen someone do it before.

I found this but it's not really the colours I want... I actually want one colour only. I was thinking black but I could get red or green, I don't know.
This is where I get all my foam for my projects, they have good pricing and are very good to work with. http://www.thefoamfactory.com/

However looks like you may be a aussie but not sure since you dont have it in your profile so shipping may kill the deal for ya.

Not sure otherwise.
Wow that site looks very good and yes I am an Aussie. I am having trouble finding foam here but if the shipping is a lot i can't afford to waste any money on it.

EDIT: it doesn't look like they ship outside of the US...
I bought this, http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Produc...C=1155&ID=1703, for my case. I have a mid tower and there was enough to cover everything. It is only $8.99 from Newegg.

edit: missed the aussie bit....sorry
Try Clark Rubber, they sell foam.
:O thanks!. Problem solved. I hope they have a decent selection and good prices
I also hope they can cut it thin enough.
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If that doesn't work then just do a search for Australia and foam products. This will give ya a few options on retailers.

Usually the sound deadening foam atleast the thinner stuff is usually a closed cell foam smiler in style to neoprene and will work for your project.
Remember that for sound dampening mass is what is important - most foam (including a lot of kits sold as sound damping) is too low density to actually do anything.

You might be better using something like vinyl floor tiles to line your case - nice and dense, but very cheap & easy to cut.
the_beast is right. The more mass (weight) that the foam has, the better. Light foam won't do anything for noise or at best will muffle it a bit. The high end Acousticpak products have one or more layers of ultra-dense polymer (basically synthetic rubber) in them.

Walls are lined with what to dampen noise (in apartments, hotels, or recoding studios)? That's right, not foam, rubber and in the past, lead. Density is your friend here.
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