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Folding at nigh question

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so im gonna try to leave my pc folding this night for more points but i have a question first:
i've lowered all my fans to minimum RPM , GPU downclock to 500.1566.1460mhz(so it wont get too hot) with 52% fan speed(inaudible but still 70C) so it makes the minimum amount of noise so i can sleep
question is ... my NB temp went up from 40C to currently 50C and i suspect it might rise a couple degreese C at max ... is it ok? is 50C on the NB ok for long term use? im running 1800MHZ FSB with 1.26v on it ...
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quick bump ... its 1:25am ... i have to wake up at 7:30
can someone please tell me is it ok?
Yes that is fine, i can't monitor my NB temps but it does really hot.
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thx R+
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