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Weird problem I've got ever since I installed my H100.

If I fold through the night, I'll wake up to a bunch of crashed programed in the morning. I've folded for 3+hours during the day while I watch it and can't reproduce it.

I get "Windows has reported these programs have stopped responded..." for the following:
The folding_a3.exe or whatever the system has currently downloaded to fold

and sometimes a bunch of others.

I've primed for over 24 hours with no problems being reported. I've also turned the voltage up and it still does it

I just find it weird that it shuts everything down, but the computer nor explorer.exe crashes. I can still do things on the pc after this has happened but not everything works or responds properly - only a clean reboot will clear it up.

How would I being to diagnose something like this that doesn't return an error code?


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I think it does kinda sound like a CPU instability, can you check out the folding log to see what it says when it fails? I think I might just save your current OC profile and then give it a try stock on the CPU and RAM and see if that takes care of it, I imagine it will but if it doesn't then that's one thing we can rule out.
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