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i overclock 1 wu for our team but i dont get the red icon in my profile
when i search my name it says that im in overclock.net team
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his name is "Admin"
look for him in the lists at the bottom of the home page. his name is in black
As is stated in the check in thread, posting your name in that thread prior to being listed on Stanford's site will result in significant delays getting your name added to the list. New names aren't added to the list until they show on Stanford site, and it's common for names to get buried a few pages back on our check in thread. We frequently check the last page of the thread, but we only check the older pages infrequently. So, for others checking in for the first time, please follow the procedure spelled out in the first post of that thread. It will get you your well deserved folding icon as quickly as possible.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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