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Folding is confusing

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So I finally decided to start folding but it's too confusing.

I'm not sure if I should run SMP or GPU2. My friend says GPU2 but some other people are saying SMP.

I can keep my rig running 24/7 but I game a lot during the day (3 pm to midnight)

Secondly, how do I get SMP or GPU2 to work, there are like 10 .exes

Thirdly, how do I get the postbit for folding on OCN
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I want to respond with the ending to the coolface comics (**** of here.)

You'll definitely want to run GPU2 because that 9600 GT could pull quite some PPD, and if you fold with the GPU then the CPU will be left alone, and you can still browse and do other things not graphic related.

I can run GPU2 + Warhammer and still get 60 fps or so, but it stutters a bit.. I guess that was unrelated. Just in my opinion your GPU will do more processing than your CPU, surprisingly.
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