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folding on an intel mac

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i'm trying to set up folding on my c2d mac, so i downloaded the mac SMP client, and tried to run it in the terminal, but i keep getting this error.

[00:16:26] + Processing work unit
[00:16:26] Work type a1 not eligible for variable processors
[00:16:26] Core required: FahCore_a1.exe
[00:16:26] Core found.
[00:16:26] Working on queue slot 01 [March 18 00:16:26 UTC]
[00:16:26] + Working ...
sh: /Applications/[email protected]/mpiexec: No such file or directory
[00:16:26] CoreStatus = 7F (127)
[00:16:26] Client-core communications error: ERROR 0x7f
[00:16:26] Deleting current work unit & continuing...
anyone know?

Edit: i guess you have to start it with more flags on a mac like this

 [B]./fah6 -smp -local -verbosity 9[/B]
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Did that fix it for you? If not I am sure we can try to find it.

Originally Posted by {core2duo}werd View Post
Yeah, that fixed it
Cool, Cool!! Just making sure.
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