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Folding Woes.

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OK. SO I just got my two rigs back up and running. The classified bluescreened, permanently. (and I didn't find out for 2 weeks because I was in the field), and the E8400 just crashed. So after arguing with Microsoft for a while about my keys not working for VISTA (too many INstalls for OEM), I switched to Windows 7.

Now here's the issue. I'm using the 64 bit drivers for windows 7 (GTX 260 196)
Driver Version : 191.07 - EVGA Recommended Download
Release Date: 10/05/2009
WHQL Certified : YES

OK, noob oversight here. My SMP is not working. Going with NOTFREDs, will report back
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Since you're running on an i7 have you looked at this thread? It's a huge PPD boost for you guys with expensive rigs.
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+ rep Man,

I'm messing with NOTFREDs. Since I'm a noob with this vmware, It's not even SMP folding right now. AM tweaking. Thx for the guide! I've been searching these forums up and down. Just trying to catch up after the summer. OOH RAH
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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