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for adv users that know alot about hw capabilities

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i didnt really know were to post this but hey here we go. I got a computer unstairs in my room and a 37in plasma downstairs. i am currently renting so no running wires everything has to be wireless we have a wireless n router that runns everything 3 computers 2 desktop and 1 laptop all wireless n cards. now i need to try and hook up my tv two my computer via an extra dvi port on my graphics card. now it has to be wireless so i though about it and (i am in college) in classrooms they use an vga to rj45 adapter to run video from video card to projector and then another adapter to turn it back into vga so can i do this via my wireless connection cuz my router is right by my tv i though maybe using an adapter running the patch cable from the adapter to my wired lan on my computer patching it though my wireless connection to my router then have a patch cable from my router to my tv then using a convert to make the rj45 connection back to vga. however i have no idea how to do this as far as software for my computer would work nor have i found any information as to if this has ever been done i dont want to order the adapters untill i know this will work. another worry is that the converters work by simply connection the only 8 cables in a vga connection that matter together so i have no idea if the computer can simply just patch the information throught the wireless connection bacause the connection would be unreadable on the networking lvl i really dont know how this would work so any help would be appreciated
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