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It has an inherent fault within its chipset cooling fan which fails after a few weeks of running. I am suffering it right now.

My upgrade is only 5.5 months old when the chipset fan screeched like hell. It was exchanged with a later mobo with modified fan, and on first run same thing. This was exchanged last Mon with the lAsus A8N 32 Sli, as they were not expecting any A8N-SLI to come.

A friend wrote:-

".....Chipset fan - this cools the nForce4 SLI chip which is kinda like a northbridge chip. In a nutshell, this fan is a known disaster and Asus are doing their best to replace the defective part worldwide (so the press release states).
It's got a record breaking 3 week lifespan and my fan expires in 3 days, The nForce4 chip needs active cooling (a fan and heatsink) on this board, apparently because the chip runs quite hot. There is no room for a large heatsink on the board.
I'm currently considering my options and wonder if it's worth sacrificing the boards warranty if I replace the fan myself, rather than go months without a PC waiting for Asus to fix my new computer. Oh dear, I alreadt made up my mind, you see, there is that warranty thing rearing up it's head again. Absolutely USELESS......."
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Ummmm.......there are plenty of fans you can attatch to it....go get a blue ice 2 from some internet retailer. Really, most northbridge cooler will work, and there is plenty of clearance, even if you ahve an SLI setup.
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