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To enter
To win
  • List my GFX cards from the last year, brand does not matter.
  • GTX ###, or HD #### will suffice.
  • First person to post the correct GFX cards WINS

Good Luck

Hint..There are 10

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Geforce GTX295
Radeon HD4870X2
Geforce GTX285
Radeon HD4850X2
Geforce GTX 280
Geforce 9800GX2
Geforce GTX 260-216
Radeon HD4870 1 GB
Radeon HD4870
Geforce GTX 260
Radeon HD3870X2
Geforce 9800GTX+/GTS250
Radeon HD4850
Radeon HD4770
Geforce 8800Ultra
Geforce 9800GTX
Radeon HD4750
Geforce 8800GTX
Radeon HD4830
Geforce 8800GTS 512MB (G92 Revision)
Geforce 8800GT/9800GT/GTS240 512MB
Geforce 9600GT
Radeon HD3870 512MB
Radeon HD2900XT 1GB
Radeon HD2900XT 512MB
Geforce 8800GTS 640MB
Radeon HD2900Pro 512MB
Radeon HD3850 512MB
Geforce 8800GS/9600GSO 768mb
Geforce 8800GT 256MB
Geforce 8800GTS 320MB
Geforce 7950GX2
Geforce 8800GS/9600GSO 384mb
Radeon HD 4670
Geforce 9600GSO 512mb (G94)
Radeon HD3850 256MB
Radeon HD2900GT
Radeon X1950XTX
Geforce 7900GTX
Radeon X1900XTX
Radeon X1950XT
Radeon X1900XT 512MB
Radeon X1900XT 256MB
Geforce 7900GTO
Geforce 7800GTX 512MB
Geforce 7950GT
Geforce 8600GTS
Radeon X1950Pro 512MB
Radeon X1950Pro 256MB
Geforce 7900GT 512MB
Radeon X1800XT 512MB
Geforce 7900GT 256MB
Radeon X1800XT 256MB
Geforce 7800GTX 256MB
Radeon X1900GT
Geforce 7900GS
Geforce 7800GS Bliss+
Radeon X1950GT
Geforce 8600GT 512MB
Radeon 9500GT
Geforce 8600GT 256MB
Radeon X1900GT Rev2
Geforce 7800GT
Radeon X1800XL
Geforce 7800GS
Radeon X1800GTO
Radeon HD2600XT
Radeon HD3650
Radeon X1650XT
Radeon X850XTPE
Geforce 7600GT
Radeon X850XT
Geforce 7600GTS
Radeon HD2600Pro
Radeon X800XT/PE
Geforce 6800Ultra/EE
Geforce 6800GT
Geforce 6800GS
Radeon X800XL
Radeon X850Pro
Radeon X800pro
Radeon X800GTO/GTO2
Geforce 6800GS AGP
Chrome 440GTX
Geforce 8500GT
Chrome 430
Radeon X1650Pro
Radeon X1600XT
Geforce 7600GS
Radeon HD2400XT

CLEARLY I am the winner here.

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9800GX2 and a GTX260?

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great idea for a freebie.. lol. I like it.

and I need to start folding for OCN.. I'm always here, I dont' know why I fold for no one.. (Please don't hurt me, at least I'm admitting what I've been doing wrong, and I'm going to FIX it)

Yes, I've been folding all my power I have for nothing.. I'll come over to OCN.

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Originally Posted by nategr8ns View Post
GTX 295
GTX 280
GTX260 (two)
HD 4870
HD 4870x2 (two)
HD 2900Pro 1gb yes but outside the year
HD 2900XT 512 no
HD 2900XT 1gb no
HD 4850 7900GS

you have no idea how much time I just spent trolling the forums
(Technically that's 12, but it makes the 10 limit if you don't count duplicates
Getting there
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