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After much deliberation I've decided to put the the vast majority of my rig up. Times are hard so it needs to go. Apologies for the poor pictures, the 3GS' camera is woeful!

So all in you get

i5 2500 (non K)
8GB DDR3 1333 Corsair Value Select RAM
Asrock H61 m-atx motherboard
Silverstone SG02B case
CoolerMaster 600W SilentPro Modular PSU

The driver disk for the motherboard is included, along with a couple of SATA cables. I do have an external Samsung DVD writer I can throw in also (SE-208) if its needed. All it needs are HDD's to be up and running as a basic desktop or add in a decent GFX card too and it makes a very respectable gaming rig.

All components are under a year old, nearer 9-10 months old.

It would be best to collect this, even though I still have the box the case came in, I wouldn't want to risk damage in transit. Collection can be most days/evenings from North Warwickshire though I am at the very north of Nottinghamshire at weekends if that helps.

Any questions, feel free to ask

EDIT : If this doesnt go in the next month I'll be taking down the advert.

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are you willing to part out? If so, what's the part numbers on the RAM and how much would you want for it?

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You still got it?

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