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For Sale / Wanted Section Rules [Updated 26/08/21]

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Please read and understand these rules before posting in the For Sale / Wanted section. These rules supersede all previously posted rules and are part of the Terms of Service of Overclock.net.

To post a new thread in the For Sale/Wanted and appraisal forums you must have at least 35 REPs. The reason for the limit is the marketplace is provided for members who have contributed to the forum, not just someone who stopped in here to get rid of junk. This rule has been frequently debated and will not change. It is not necessary to have 35 REPs to reply to For Sale or Wanted threads, though all members are encouraged to make deals only with other members they are comfortable with. This requirement is coded into the system, and exceptions cannot and will not be made. Members who do not meet the rep requirement may not actively advertise for sale/wanted/trade items in any way, shape or form any where on the site. This includes signatures and linking to off site listings.

We cannot and will not make exceptions to this 35 Rep limit for creating your own listing - we do not have the manpower required to individually approve exceptions. Please do not send messages asking for special permission, they will go unanswered.

This section may be used only for computer systems, components, software, and related items. "Tech toys" such as mp3 players are also permissible. Any For Sale / Wanted threads for items not listed above will be deleted.

Member-created products (Dice/LN2 pots, cable extensions etc) and services (powder coating, volt modding etc) may not be offered. If you wish to sell your own created products or offer services you must become a member of our artisan program.

If you have any questions about the permissibility of your item, please PM a marketplace moderator or any senior moderator.

Sellers must have the item(s) in hand prior to posting them for sale here.

Only physical items that are able to be shipped can be listed. In person pick up or delivery of items is allowed as long as all other rules are followed.

No software keys, e-gift cards/vouchers, discount codes, etc.

This section is not provided for the purposes of a resale outlet.

A maximum of 5 Sale listing can be made per month, Volume listings of items are not permitted.

Items are sold for your cost price (no profit to be made at all).

The odd occasional volume purchase of low cost items like fans being offered far below retail for the benefit of the membership are permissible. Before you list such items please PM a marketplace moderator or a senior moderator with proof of purchase cost and the number of items you have.

Group buys are not allowed

EBAY or any auction site: Cross posting on eBay or any auction site is not permitted. Threads containing items listed on eBay or any auction site will be closed.
Links to items on eBay or any auction site may not be posted at all.

Craig's List: This is not a "bid site' and there for it is permissible to have said links whether it's an Online Deal or reference to a members sale here at OCN. The 'No increasing the price rule' is still in effect and the Craig's List link may NOT reflect such practices.

PayPal: NO fees, Credit Card or other with the exception of shipping and handling may be assessed and NO gift payments are allowed. Furthermore, NO PayPal accounts are to be posted as NO personal information is allowed!

This includes, but is not limited to, charging extra or making the buyer cover PayPal service fees on credit card based PayPal payments. As we wish to comply as closely as possible with PayPal's guidelines, we will not allow any member to impose an extra "tax" for CC-based PayPal payments. "You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method."

You may not request or offer a 'Gift' or 'Personal payment(s) to circumvent the associated fees. This will negate any possible PayPal claim! No use what so ever for the sale/purchase may be written, asked, offered or implied when buying or selling with PayPal as the means of monetary transfer. Violation of any of the above will result in a Marketplace restriction being imposed upon your account.

Receiving Payments for Commercial Transactions and Personal Transactions.

Fees depend on whether you are making a commercial transaction or a personal transaction. A commercial transaction involves buying and selling goods or services, and payments received when you send a “request money” using PayPal. A personal transaction involves sending money to and receiving money from friends and family without making a purchase.

If you are selling goods or services, you may not ask the buyer to send you a personal payment for the purchase. If you do so, PayPal may remove your ability to accept personal payments.

Asking price must be included in all For Sale threads.

The actual price you wish to sell for must be listed not just a placeholder such as $1 unless you wish to sell for $1 (the only exception is if you list multiple items in the same listing as per rule 7)

For Sale threads that do not include an actual asking price will be deleted until the seller sets an asking price. As this is not an auction site, sellers may not raise their price. It is the responsibility of the seller to determine the exchange rate if the transaction includes multiple currencies. If an item(s) are listed with out 'included shipping to...' the OP may increase the price only if the shipping to (specify limitations to where) is added to the price.

''TRADE'' only thread/item(s) do not require an asking price as it's not being offered as ''For Sale.''

Sellers may list multiple items in a single listing in the appropriate section. To do so, sellers must follow these additional rules:
*Item must conform to the "Allowed Item' per the section
*Each item or group of bundled items must be numbered
*Each numbered line must have an asking price, $1/£1/€1 must be entered in the price box
*Upon completion of a successful sale or trade, items should be marked SOLD or TRADED. Sold or TRADED items are not to be deleted from For Sale threads as this makes the buyer/seller feedback system confusing.
*The seller must maintain the original post according to these rules or it will be removed
*If the items do not fall into the same section, the listing needs to be made in the full systems section

For Sale/trade listings must include a photograph of the actual item(s) for sale as well as a note (piece of paper or similar) with your Overclock.net name and the date. Any listing not including a photo with a note with your Overclock.net name and the date will be deleted until a photo is ready to be added.Where applicable you MUST photograph Model, Serial or Version information in order to accurately describe your item.

All offers are to made using the Private Messaging system, this includes offering items in wanted listings. If you do not have enough reps to use the PM system, PM a Moderator, and the message will be forwarded to the seller. Offers made in the body of a sale thread will be deleted.

Posts are only to be for obtaining product information about the listed products. Price is not to be discussed in the body of the thread except by the seller (asking price is required in the first post and may be updated in later posts). All posts that do not follow this rule will be deleted.

Thread bashing and off topic posts will result in the posts being removed. A second offense will result in an official warning, a third offense will result in a 30 day ban from the marketplace, a fourth offense will result in a 60 day ban from the marketplace, fifth offense and subsequent offenses will result in a 90 day ban from the marketplace.

Thread Bashing: Contesting the price or making derogatory statements about the item(s) or the asking price!

Off topic posts: good luck with sale, great price, quoting rules etc is not allowed. Report any alleged issues and let the staff do their job!

Do not post an item unless you are definite that you want to sell it.

If you are looking to purchase an item, post the exact item that you are interested in obtaining.

All thread titles must start with the correct tag "Wanted: ", "For Sale: ", "Trade: ", or "For Sale/Trade: " TAG and the title must be followed by a description of the item of interest. For example, "For Sale": 2x512 MB Corsair 3200 XL" or "Wanted" Any 802.11g wireless PCI card". As with every other forum section on the site, descriptive titles are mandatory ("For Sale: XYZ's clearance sale" is NOT descriptive - list at least a few of the better items). Free items should be listed in the Freebies Forum. Threads that do not follow this naming convention will be deleted.

Listing Maintenance: You must close your listing using the close this listing button found in the first post when you wish to stop bumping the listing or when all items are sold.

You must maintain your listing (bumping it or closing it using the buttons in the first post when required). Listings over 30 days of the last bump will be closed by the marketplace staff.

Failure to Maintain the listing: First offence will result in a PM warning, A second offence will result in an official warning, a third offence will result in a 30 day ban from the marketplace, a fourth offence will result in a 60 day ban from the marketplace, fifth offence and subsequent offences will result in a 90 day ban from the marketplace. This is inclusive of Section 8 regarding the listing photo including your username and date as well as any pertinent item information where applicable.

You may not ask for free items. No Wanted section begging will be allowed.

Listings can only be bumped using the bump listing button found in the first post (there is a 24 hour limit on bumps). Any bump posts may be deleted.


If you observe posts that do not follow these rules, report them by selecting "Report" which you can access by clicking on the thread topic menu indicated by the three dots

button . Appropriate action will be taken by one of the marketplace moderators or senior moderators. You may also PM a member of Staff assigned to the Marketplace for advice. DO NOT post negative comments.
DO NOT quote rules in the threads as that only takes the threads further off topic.
DO NOT state "REPORTED" or anything of that type. Complaint posts will be deleted and issued a warning or infraction.

Deals are made solely between members and are not the responsibility of Overclock.net even if they result in no payment, not receiving items, or any other negative outcome.

Any proven unsuccessful sales will result in full Overclock.net ban for the offending member if unresolved. Sellers are fully responsible for their sales, including items they sell for friends, family, etc. If a member feels that they have been ripped off they should PM ENTERPRISE.

Wanted requests: You may NOT request a purchase be made for you in the WANTED section or anywhere in the forum. No offers like 'Buy this for me and...' are allowed in any way shape or form.

No thread may be created to 'document' any sold items prior to posting in the Marketplace for the means of 'documentation' for the use of the Trader Rating system.

The following types of software Sales/Wanted's/Trades are prohibited.

  • OEM software: Unless it's in the original, factory sealed package or never registered AND accompanied by a significant piece of hardware (defined as optical drive or larger). EXCEPT: Open OEM registered versions of Windows may be sold with the motherboard the OEM license is tied to.
  • Online accounts: Unless sellers can demonstrate that the EULA does not prohibit sales.
  • In Game Items
  • Software keys not accompanied by original media: This includes steam games, pack deals or any other digital download.
  • Promotional software: Any software received with a hardware purchase must not be sold separately.

If you have any questions concerning these rules, please PM a marketplace moderator, senior moderator or a member of Management.

Revised 26/08/21
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