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Hey folks, I'm parting out an old water-cooled rig and figured I'd see what the community wanted to pick through. I don't have a hard price on anything, and I'll work with reasonable offers.

This is a tear-down from an x58 platform that the motherboard died on, and I no longer find it viable to keep this around not *really* being utilized. As far as I know, everything is working perfectly, but clearly used. Any fans are not cleaned up, so they will just be kind of dusty. All cooling components were only ever ran with distilled water/pt-nuke and a kill coil. Everything was flushed with some diluted vinegar and water, so a slight bit of fading of the outer plating can be seen on some components, but it doesn't take away from utility of the parts.

+++ List of parts ++++

Water Block

- 1x EK Supreme HF Cu
Price: 20.00

This block is older, but still solid. Presumably universal, with some extra brackets you can purchase for like AM4 socket, etc. I took the whole thing apart to clean it up, and there was no build-up inside. It looks a bit off color, due to the vinegar solution I soaked it in, along with all the other various components, but it doesn't change the functionality of the block itself at all! It should fit other sockets out of the box, but I specifically was using it with the xeon 5660 on the x58 classified 3 motherboard.


- 1x Black Ice GTX Xtreme 360
Price: 25.00

- 1x Black Ice GTX 120
Price: 15.00

Bought the 360mm rad from Frozen CPU back in the day. Other than looking used, it works perfectly and has no signs of leaking. I have flushed it thoroughly, and all threads appear to be in good order. The 120mm radiator I bought from another OCN user, and it arrived to me in used shape, and I pretty much never took it out of the rig once it was put in. Been fully flushed and has no signs of leaks. I paired it with a homemade fan shroud and extra long screws that I will include at no extra charge, if you so desire.


- 1x XSPC 5.25" Bay Reservoir.
Price: 15.00

Cleaned and flushed accordingly. No signs of leaks. I will also include 2 Bitspower G1/4 3/8 x 5/8 barbs if so desired, at no charge.


- 1x T-Fitting with G1/4 extended piece and in-line temp sensor included free!
Price: 10.00

3/8 x 5/8

- 1x Koolance QDC set (male and female)
P/N: VL3-M10-16S
P/N: VL3-F10-16S
Price:: 8.00 for the set (will not split).

These are old, but still solid. No signs of leaks and in good physical condition, other than a bit of fading due to the diluted vinegar solution I soaked them in.


- 2x Bitspower compression fittings
Price: 6.00 per fitting.

- 3x Bitspower 45° compression fittings
Price: 7.00 per fitting.

- 1x Bitspower 90° compression fitting
Price: 8.00

1/2 x 5/8

- 2x Koolance QDC set (male and female)
P/N: VL3-F13B-P
P/N: VL3-M13B-P
Price: 8.00 for per each set (will not split the M/F portions).

These are old, used, but still hold a solid seal. I upgraded from them to some matte black to match the look of my case. They, too may appear slightly faded on the plating, due to the vinegar solution I soaked them in. Doesn't affect the integrity of the seals, however!

- 2x Enzotech compression fittings
P/N: BCFS-ID1/2-OD5/8
Price: 8.00 for both!

Water Pump

- 1x MCP655-B
Price: 35.00

I fully tested this pump and it still goes as strong as you would expect it to. I tore it fully apart and made sure it was cleaned out. Guaranteed to be fully working as of when I tore it all down.

Fan Controller

- 1x Scythe Kaze Master Pro 5.25
Price: 15.00

This works perfectly. I have one of these in my main rig and I absolutely love it. There is one outer cover knob missing on control 6, but it still works fine and can be turned up or down as needed. I don't have any of the temp sensors or fan connections, but they are easy enough to come by. I may be able to locate a few of the fan lead-outs, we can talk.


- 1x Pana Flo 120mm x 38mm
P/N: FBA12G12U
Price: 5.00 - Combo discount if purchased with radiator!

- 3x Scythe Ultra Kaze 120mm x 38mm
P/N: DFS123812H-3000
Price: 5.00 per fan - Comb discount if purchased with radiator!

These fans are obviously used, but still going strong. They are going to be a bit dusty, because I'm not going to take the time to clean them. I also have a shroud I made that I attached the Pana Flo to, on the aforementioned 120mm Black Ice radiator that I will throw in for free, along with the mounting screws that match the depth perfectly.


I also have some processors, a motherboard, an 800D case (!!!) and a few graphics cards I'm also looking to sell. They will be listed accordingly in their respective categories.

I'm completely flexible on prices for things, I'm just not willing to ship out 1 compression fitting part. Need to spend a bare minimum of 20 dollars for me to drive to the post office.

Speaking of postage, we can negotiate a final price that will include shipping, and typically I will use USPS priority flat rate boxes if I can. I accept Paypal and SquareCash for payment. If you're out of the CON48, I may or may not be willing to work with shipping. Sometimes it can be a huge hassle - we can talk, though!

As far as trades go, I could use a sandybridge/ivybridge set up if anyone has a cpu/mobo combo. I'm also looking for a Ryzen 1500 or 1600 or 1700 and accompanying board.

If you have a decent gaming headset, my wife is looking for a replacement!

Reject the system
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Updated with prices!
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