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For Streaming Media|media center PS3 or 360?

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For Streaming Media|media center PS3 or 360?

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I know this has probably been discussed a 100o times, but I’m looking for opinions from a different angle. I want to buy an Xbox 360 or PS3 to go along with my DX10 PC. Games are a secondary concern, while important to me my main concern is media streaming.

I am going to move my PC to a proper desk upstairs and plan on having an xbox 360 or PS3 in my theatre room for streaming movies and playing HD-DVDs or BLU RAY. The multimedia function of the device is the most important to me with games a secondary consideration.

I’d like to be able to stream movies with surround sounds as well if that makes a difference. Right now I have mostly WMV files, MKV files, and TS files.

From what I could read so far it would seem the 360 handles these files better, but as a home theatre enthusiast I really like the BLU RAY and HDMI capabilities of the PS3. Also as far as games go it would seem there is less overlap between the PS3 and PC library then there is with the 360 and the PC.

And advice from people using either device in a similar fasion is appreciated.

Thank You
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With the ability to mod out your PS3 HD and the ability to easily add additional OSs to it the PS3 can become a very good media center, and if you get one please allow it to fold for our team, when its not busy playing your media...
I'll have to say PS3. The firmware updates are more frequent and almost always include media based functionality. Add a 60GB upgradeable HDD, HDMI and built in WiFi and Blu-ray and you've got a pretty powerful media center. If you planned on getting an Elite 360, WiFi dongle and the HD-DVD add-on the price/functionality would be similar to that of the PS3, but the PS3 is definitely more geared towards being a complete media center.

I can only imagine that the 360 would play better with Vista but the PS3 doesn't seem to be having any problems either.
I'm not going to vote, since I don't have the hardware to make an experienced comment. But it does seem to me that an X360 should integrate better with a Windows PC than a PS3. I would need to see some real proof from the PS3 crowd that it can do the job as good as, much less better than, an X360.
Due to the nature of the PS3 it is a hugely capable media centre. Also you can run 3rd party operating systems and wit each firmware update it seems the PS3 only gets better and better
PlayStation 3 won't stream stuff quite as well off the computer as the Xbox 360, however blu-ray and the lower price make PS3 irrestable. It's also much quieter.
the ps3 streams stuff awsome i have it and vista and all you do is turn on media sharing and it found all my songs and movies. ONly tried ti with media player though.

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PlayStation 3 won't stream stuff quite as well off the computer as the Xbox 360

I dont have a ps3 yet, but i havent heard of people having trouble with streaming ...
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