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For Western Digital Owners

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Hello guys, thought i would start this thread to help the WD owners out there with the HD problems. This software goes onto a Floppy and might work on a thumb drive( haven't tried it yet, but i don't see why it shouldn't). So, any who, i'm going to try to upload this .rar file to the site and let you guys use it.

its called Western Digital Hard Drive Data Lifeguard Tools v2.8

i know you can download there tools off their website, but this stuff works a lot better than the website stuff.

Content Programs are:
BIOS Check
Ultra ATA Management

anyways, the link will be in the next post down from this one. hope this helps anyone out with there Western Digital Drive.
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Quoted straight from WD's website:


The Data Lifeguard Diagnostic Tools are used primarily for determining the physical condition of your hard drive. If you are having computer problems which you suspect are hard drive related, you can test your drive with this tool. This diagnostic utility is designed for hard drives larger than 8.4 GB with the model number starting with WDxxx.
Supported Operating Systems

* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows ME
* Windows 98SE
* Windows 98
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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