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[Forbes] Microsoft looking to China to create new products

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Originally Posted by Forbes

Microsoft Corp. expects its Beijing research center to start producing breakthroughs that could lead to global products in health care and other areas, the software giant's chief research officer said Wednesday as the center marked its 10th anniversary.

Microsoft is part of a wave of companies that are expanding research and development in China to serve its fast-growing market and take advantage of a huge Chinese talent pool of scientists and engineers.

Microsoft says its Beijing center, one of six, already has exceeded expectations, producing 260 innovations that have been added to products sold worldwide. The center is Microsoft's biggest outside the United States, with 350 researchers.


Microsoft's Beijing team is best known for its role in developing an electronic tablet that recognizes handwriting. It also has worked on speech recognition and advanced graphics used in video games. The company says its researchers have been awarded 1,000 patents in China and abroad.



I didn't realize that major US companies actually have major research teams in China...
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I know a lot of hate will go on over this but i say good stuff. More of the population being put towards science then benefits all man. 1 step closer to unity.
Good to hear. I'm actually learning Chinese again should I be given the opportunity to work in my homeland.
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