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Windows 2000/XP - Official NVIDIA release

For Windows 2000/XP, this is an Official NVIDIA release as fuond on their FTP servers!

This following are changes made and issues resolved since driver version 67.03:
  • SLI cards: Half Life 2 performance drops on canals demo with SLI
  • GeForce 6800 Ultra, SLI: No performance difference with the game
    Lock On Modern Air Combat when SLI mode is enabled.
  • GeForce 6800: Incorrect fog for underwater objects in Half Life 2.
  • SLI cards: Shadows flicker with Source engine games like Half-Life 2
    and Counterr-Strike when SLI mode is enabled.
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition, GeForce 6600: Graphical
    distortion appears intermittently when cycling through the Media
    Center menus.
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition, GeForce 6600: From HDTV
    component-out, changing the resolution from 1080i or 720p to 480p
    results in 480i being set instead.
  • GeForce 6600 GT: NVIDIA Color Correction does not work when
    playing video using VMR.
  • GeForce 6800 LE, PCI-Express: With an HDTV as the secondary
    display in Clone mode, the TV loses sync when changing the
    resolution to 1080i with Keep Native HDTV resolution selected.
  • Windows Media Center Edition, GeForce PCX 5300: When using
    HDTV over DVI, 1080i mode does not sync correctly in native and
    underscan modes.
  • GeForce2, GeForce4 MX, Windows XP: City of Heroes crashes to the
    desktop intermittently.
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