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Windows Server 2003 AMD64, Windows Server 2003 IA-64, Windows XP AMD64, Windows XP IA-64

OSNN.net was busy today as they caught another driver. This release is for the 64 bit versions of Windows only ! It will not work with the standard versions of Windows XP, so if you aren't using one of the WindowsXP 64bit releases then don't even try these drivers!

The drivers are dated the 3rd November and are the first Rel7 release for the 64bit platforms. Initial report that these drivers are not WHQL signed and do have support for all NVIDIA graphics cards, but as they are not an official release they should be treated with the same care that you should maintain when using all beta software.

We recompressed these drivers from 25MB towards 13 MB for you.

get it at http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=946
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