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Windows 2000/XP

Leadtek released new 71.50 drivers through their live update. The drivers mostly support Leadtek graphics cards. This is the absolute newest set of unofficial NVIDIA drivers available. The drivers are date stamped on the 22th of December. We have not checked WHQL certification just yet (Microsoft tested and approved).

We virus and ad-ware checked the drivers and they appear to be 100% okay. We recrunched the driver set towards 15 MB. It includes the easy to use setup.exe for easy installation and we left all language files in there.

Included in de modded.inf directory is a modified .inf file that you can copy into the archive so your GeForce graphics card will be supported. One downside might be that the setup.exe does not work properly anymore. If so, please uninstall your old drivers properly and then install these drivers the old fashion way:

> System properties > Device Manager > Driver > Update

get it at http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=955
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