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while the catalyst drivers DO NOT work with the ATi Xpress 200m integrated video card (well, they WORk, but not very well, much better performance is found with the Omega drivers IMO) you CAN increase performance by at least two-fold over most stock settings - I noticed a HUGE improvement with my HP l2000 (lance armstrong lame ass edition notebook, with a turion64 2mHz processor and 768MB of pc3200 RAM.

I went from 40-50fps in CS/DoD/NS to roughly 60-72 at 1024x768 with the lowest quality settings. Now obviously Ive got many more optimizations to get 72FPS on a notebook, and I will include those as well.

I got a hold of the Omega Drivers that were 'supposed to only work with 300m or newer cards' - I used Omega 6.05 drivers, although its been so long I forgot where I got them now
sorry. But if your google-fu is strong, you should be able to find them.

Now as I recall installing these drivers took 3 tries to get it right (and be prepared to have to fiddle with a few settings), I turned all anti-aliasing off, antisotrophic filtering off, set all settings to full performance, and made sure powerplay/power saving devices were all off as well as to not hinder my gaming performance. DO NOT FORGET TO UNINSTALL/REINSTALL DRIVERS THE PROPER WAY, USE DRIVERCLEANER!

Using ATi Tray Tools would be to your advantage to fine tune (and overclock if you are daring enough) - but I do not reccomend overclocking the x200 since I can not get anything to monitor its temperatures as of yet. (I ALSO reccomend taking your notebook apart and reseating any heatsink on the CPU & GPU with some good `ol AS5 to optimize temps)

Another thing to do is make sure your 'hypermemory' ATi card gets all the shared RAM it needs, in the BIOS there should be an option to change the amount of VRAM the ATi x200m uses (I have mine set at 128 at all times)

And that is about it, I had a link to an even better guide, but thanks to ages and internet archives, it is dead

I hope this helps that member that IMed me earlier today while I was at work.

Happy fraggin`
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